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  • Matt Mesa

Finally, here we go 2022...

Hi friends. What a couple of pandemic years, huh? Since the pandemic started, we've been laying low and not playing live much--if at all. Our record--"Shadow of Mt. Hood"--was released just as the pandemic started. This did wonders for our promotion. But now, finally, we're ready to get back on stage! We've got a few gigs booked for 2022 and will probably keep it that way for awhile. Our goal is to play fewer "bar" gigs and turn our focus to more listening venues and house concerts. Playing to a listening crowd--no matter the size--is what really brings us joy. So if you'd like to host a house concert, let me know! We've also written several new songs and will be playing a few--hopefully more than a few--gigs with our good friend and fabulous drummer, Tim Ortleib. He's gonna round out our sound and add some much needed punch and textural elements. Very excited about this. We're also making plans to head back to the studio--so stay tuned for that.

We hope you all survived your personal journey through these pandemic years. They may not be over, but it's time to start living again. What a pleasure it will be to get back on stage. Aren't you ready for some live music?

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