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Stories behind the songs on "Shadow of Mt. Hood", side B

Anything Like This: I wrote this song during the G.W. Bush administration--basically dumbfounded at what I was reading and seeing on the news. A slightly humorous political tune that is still very relevant today--unfortunately.

Old Time Religion: a song loosely based on my reading of Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood". Coming from the viewpoint of one of the book's killers, it seems as though he is searching for some salvation. But there is no hope here. A bluegrass tune that could've been on Steve Earle's "The Mountain".

New Year's Day: a fictional tale about the plight of a poor Mexican family whose patriarch has to work the factory fields in California just to get by. And some of the bad things that might happen if we start putting up border fences and walls. I wrote this song over a decade ago and never thought it would become so relevant today. I don't think this is fiction anymore.

Sinkhole: beware! Bad things can happen around the old sinkhole. Better stay away...

Sons and Daughters: a political tune about never giving up the fight but feeling a constant backdrop of futility. The loneliness of power within a single person--how much do we as individuals really wield? Some really cool reverb-drippy banjo here--a great way to end the album.

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